Al-Anon Participation

The upcoming Inland Empire AA Convention will be the 33rd annual convention. It has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but it is still focused on RECOVERY, UNITY, AND SERVICE.

This year’s Convention uses a different format from those in the past. The Board felt since we are all in recovery together, we should all be in the same room to listen to the Experience, Strength, and Hope for each other from the Speakers. Most of time you spend at the Convention will be spent listening to quality AA and Al-Anon speakers. There are no planned marathon meetings for either AA or Al-Anon. However, if you chose to set up a small meeting in your room or place outside the main meeting hall, that would be fine.

Here is a draft of the proposed Al-Anon participation at the Convention. PLEASE WATCH FOR UPDATES AND FLYERS COMING TO YOUR GROUPS.